Monday, 8 February 2010

Controlling content

Traditional issue of the internet, but within the US, instead of between the US and the rest of the world. Question: censorship of content. Do you allow it? on which basis? why not total freedom? Is the question about articulating the global/local? Is law about moral values? if we accept local countries/regions can censor/ban, filter, should we regulate how they do it?

(TechDirt, 8 February 2010)

Friday, 5 February 2010


"Lord Lucas Keeps Wanting To Chip Away At Digital Economy Bill: Exempt Search Engines" (TechDirt, 28 January 2010).
"Insult To Injury: Mandelson Wants Those Wrongly Kicked Off The Internet To Pay To Appeal" (TechDirt, 28 January 2010)

seriously, first time I ever heard that one, but it is so crazy it just highlights the financial issue behing the fight against piracy by big companies "Seriously: Where Is The Link Between Copyright Infringement And Terrorism/Organized Crime" (TechDirt 29 January 2010)

This will be worth reading and transferring to other types of offences than piracy: it corresponds exactly to what I said if I believe the comment:
"Decision In iiNet Case Explains Why ISPs Cannot Effectively Be Copyright Cops" (TechDirt 4 February 2010)


Apparently, "Obama Quietly Issues Ruling Saying It's Legal For The FBI To Break The Law On Accessing Phone Records" (TechDirt, 22 January 2010)

and I find this even more astonishing: the harm exists, it is to each individual. "Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Warrantless Wiretapping, Appeal Planned" (TechDirt, 22 January 2010)

It is as astonishing as Bill Gates stating it's business and if Google does not want to comply to China, too bad! (25 January 2010)

Anonymity on the web

A very simple explanation, common sense, but as true as for anonymity by post mail: can't certify identities without using existing means of identification...

"You Can't Get Rid Of Anonymity Online, Even If You Wanted To" (TechDirt, 4 February 2010) refering to the blog of Bruno Schneier

A change compared to the UK court position earlier on a blog written by a police officer:
"Israeli Court Supports Anonymity For Online Commenters" (TechDirt 26 January 2010)