Thursday, 6 December 2007

Virtual worlds, social networkin, and crime: is it crime?

In virtual worlds like Second Life, can there be fraud or theft with associated real criminal liability? A real question for a virtual world which should be excluded from our physical laws, but is it that simple? Are we going to see criminal law reinvented online? (3rd December 2007)

The following article seems to confirm we may have to think ahead "Bad Ideas: Trying To Build A Marketplace Of Virtual Goods" TechDirt (18 December 2007)

Another issue will arise with the development of e-currencies: "Virtual worlds driving move to e-payments",1000000183,39291065,00.htm (26 November 2007)

Bearing more connexion to reality, what about damaging statements in social networking websites that in the physical world do not constitute crime? Should criminal law be involved or should it be regulated by other means? (3rd December 2007)

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