Friday, 22 February 2008

Censorship and control of the internet by many

The article is clear enougthand echoes Goldsmith's and Wu's book on Who controls the internet?
"China To Disable Great Firewall For The Olympics?" (21 February 2008)

And see Pakistan's attitude "Pakistan Joins The Axis Of NoTube; Screws Up The Internet" (25 February 2008)

Contrast it with Australian attempt to control the internet over child porn "That Didn't Take Long At All: $89 Million Australian Internet Filters Called A Failure" (21 February 2008)

and the issue with Finland: "Finland Censoring Sites Police Don't Like, Falsely Claiming They Contain Child Porn" (19 February 2008)

On the ISPs front, always the same issue "Did Yahoo Delete The Pirate Bay From Search Results?" (18 February 2008)

(08 February 2008) "Chinese Professor Suing Google And Yahoo For Making Him Disappear From Chinese Search"

and the use of tracking system for ads... and maybe one day for other purposes? "UK ISPs To Start Tracking Your Surfing To Serve You Ads" (18 February 2008)

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