Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Fraud: eBay and its fight against phishing

The article raises a number of interesting points. Not new is the fact that China, Russia and some Eastern European Countries like Romania are havens for criminals, or at least partial havens depending on the attitude of authorities. Not new ever is the fact that the best protection against crime is not the law but education and technical measures (see the end of the article).
More interesting is the last line: "eBay is often successful in tracking down the smaller online criminals". Several interpretations to that statement: eBay seeks the help of official police forces or the like to track down criminals and fight cyberfraud; but the previous part of the article suggests that police forces are not always efficient and that eBay found criminals outside the Romanian capital city, i.e. it used its own logistic to crack down on crime. Which raises several questions in terms of HR: interception of communication, searches and seizures...
"eBay riled by Romania's policy on phishers" (March 11, 2008),1000000097,39365232,00.htm

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