Monday, 31 March 2008

Wi-Fi and piggybacking

In the State of Maryland in the US, an MP proposed a Bill to criminalise piggybacking with Wi-Fi. See PDF document:

"FOR the purpose of prohibiting a person from intentionally, willfully, and without
authorization accessing, attempting to access, causing to be accessed, or
exceeding the person’s authorized access to wireless Internet service with a
certain knowledge; applying certain penalties; and generally relating to
unauthorized access to computers and related material."

Wonder if any similar proposal would be of any use? CMA 1990 section 1 cirminalised unauthorised access to computer; can the interpretation be extended to Wi-Fi (which after all requires access to computers?)

See "A Public Official Actually Shows Common Sense in Wireless 'Piggybacking' Debate" (21 March 2008)

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Audrey Guinchard said...

The proposal may be silly; it remains that security, or lack of security by users, is a problem,1000000085,39482891,00.htm (1st september 2008)