Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Fraud and crime - statistics

As noted in David Wall's new book on Cybercrime - The transformation of crime in the information age -, statistics about e-crime are scarce; so it is interesting to have those of the joint research of the FBI and the NWCCC, in the 2007 Internet Crime Report. Fraud, not surprisingly, is the trendy crime (= big money for small efforts to make. See http://www.crime-research.org/news/07.04.2008/3294/ : “A cyber criminal is only looking for a less than 1% return on all the e-mails he sends out, because he can still make money hand over fist,” said Hambrick, FBI -); but surprise, surprise, the UK is on top of the list as a harbour/haven for criminals.

"UK nears US in cyber-crime, ahead of Nigeria, Romania" (10 April 2008)
"UK a hotbed of cybercriminal activity" (9 April 2008)

Will that make the Government think a bit more about establishing a specific task force? or at least give money to tackle more efficiently the problem? Or at least the police? See this article about what seems to be the US:
"Cyber crime: Police not taking it seriously" (8 April 2008)

For more statistics: "Cybercrime Losses Decline for Third Consecutive Year " (31 March 2008) http://www.crime-research.org/news/31.03.2008/3282/

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Audrey Guinchard said...

Since then the SOCA has filled its role http://news.zdnet.co.uk/security/0,1000000189,39418761,00.htm?r=4 (16 May 2008)