Sunday, 25 January 2009

The good and bad sides of Facebook

Once more, Facebook can turn both ways: a helpful tool for hackers to commit fraud with a variation of the 419 scam, or for police officers to find criminals.
"New Zealand Cops Credit Facebook With Arrest" (TechDirt, 15 January 2009)
"Facebook's Lack Of Hacking Resolution System For Nigerian Scammers" (TechDirt, 22 January 2009) and the French confirmation that social networking frauds are on the increase "Des menaces plus précises sur les réseaux sociaux" (JDN, 19 January 2008) (Threats more precise on social network sites)

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obinne said...

It is really a sorry case .These Nigerians are really resilient . Their skills should be put to a better use instead of hacking , They make cyber crimes more and more sophisticated . Couple of years ago it was email scam , now they have refined their act to FB.
Surprisingly most of these hackers are teenagers . It is a pity the government is not utilising their " intellect" like other civilisewd countries do.