Thursday, 5 February 2009

Transparency in cybercrime reporting/filtering of content

The following paper of Dr. Ian Brown, published on SSRN, touches upon an important issue in my opinion linked with cybercrime. The Internet Watch Foundation filters contents from the web after reporting by users. BUt the process is far from transparent (actually, very little is known about it) and the problem for me as a criminal lawyer, is that the content leads to a criminal offence/sanction but all along the process of investigation and decision no governmental agency (police officers, courts...) either do appear. Why?
At least France launched in November 2008 its website to report problematic content (offensive or eve fraudulent content) and the people in charge are governmental officials who must report to the Prosecutor in case of criminal offences committed.!input.action
I have not found the original piece of legislation creating this website and its process but at first sight, the French system is preferable.

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