Wednesday, 11 March 2009

National Security/Defence and cyberccrime

Two incidents that just remind us of how fragile cybersecurity can be

1) the French army plane Le Rafale was affected by a well-known virus that found its way to the computer system running it
"Le Rafale cloué au sol par un virus" (JDN, 10 February 2009)

2) the Presidential helicopter could be targeted as information was leaked via the filesharing software in the computer
"US Contractor Follows Japanese Example: Leaks Military Secrets Via P2P" (TechDirt, 2 March 2009)

See previous post today about human error:

Would non cyber data be safer? Well, it all depends on what security measures have been implemented! "Le papier plus exposé que les données informatiques" (JDN, 9 February 2009) - (Paper more exposed than electronic data)

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