Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Cyberspies breach US fighter-jet project: Report (, 21 April 2009)

and the hype around viruses/worms that hide more important issues for international peace: Forget Conficker — focus on the real threats

US official: We are under cyberattack all the time (, 22 April 2009) China is the usual suspect.
the wording is not as silly as it may appear. The parallel with banks under attack is probably better in reflecting the situation. It's not war all the time, but there is certainly a regularity in trying to get access to information.
Which makes me think of the work of a PhD student he presented at the BILETA 2009 conference at Winchester. Titiriga Remus explains about Cyber warfare and Law of the nations. A missed rendez-vous. In short, the concept of attack in international law rarely fits cyber warfare and maybe there should be some conceptual changes made. (for conference abstracts, see

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