Thursday, 7 May 2009

Virtual worlds - copyrights claims to be sustained?

Not directly linked to criminal law, despite the offence of piracy that could appear, the opinion of the Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney Fred von Lohmann is of interest as it questions the parallel made between real laws/worlds and virtual worlds. Applying copyrights laws to virtual worlds like Second Life creates havoc as even publishing the view of a street could infringe a user's copyright. My question is this - and so far, I have no answer-: is it the principle of applying real world law that fails, or is it copyrights law themselves that are completely inadapted to the digital age (but not non-copyrights laws) as the Pirate Bay case illustrates?

"EFF Agrees That Copyright In Second Life Is A Mess" (TechDirt, 4 May 2009)

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