Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Reliability of data

An interesting analysis of facts about the posting on YouTUbe of a video where a young man was attacked by a group of young women. The bloggers apparently questioned the reliability of the video and some thought it was a fake. It was confirmed later on it was real, but I like the idea (and in that sense I concur with the article's author) that people questioned what they saw and did not take it at face value.
In terms of criminal procedure it is absolutely essential.

"Info sur le web : Le syndrome inversé de la fille du RER D" (JDN, 26 May 2009)

On a similar note, the explanations about information safekeeping/safeguarding, which is linked with its reliability. "Cycle de vie des données informatiques, du berceau à la tombe !" (JDN 7 mai 2009)

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