Thursday, 2 July 2009

Update on China's filtering software

China puts brakes on internet-filter rollout - (01 July 2009)

After the uproar when people learnt that China ordered computers made in the US to incorporate a filtering software, there seems to be a back up. Obviously, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology refused to acknowledge attempts to curtail free speech. As in the West, the official line is that filtering is necessary because of child porn. But I wonder what it really means? Will they do it next time without bothering to say anything, 'hidding' the software in the hard drive?

PC makers lobby, but prepare for China censorware ( 29 June 2009)

See also in French:

Logiciel de filtrage Web : la Chine fait marche arrière (JDN, 1 July 2009)

I don't think the EU Chamber of commerce's opinion had any influence, although one never knows how much concerns about money may have weighted in the balance.

EU Chamber urges China to rethink internet filter (, 30 June 2009)

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