Monday, 26 October 2009

Diversity of access to computers/information

URL website based to distribute malware:
Trojan swipes money from your banking site (, 30 september 2009)

with a similar method:
Facebook closes fake profiles spreading malware (, 2 oct 2009)
Fake Outlook Web Access update sets malware trap (, 16 October 2009)

Un botnet s'attaque aux résultats de recherche des moteurs (JDN, 05 October 2009) with a botnet allowing fraud/spread of malware resulting from clicks on results from search engines, the click redirecting towards a website. See its English version, Botnet click fraud hits a high (, 23 October 2009)

Access/use of webmail accounts
Phishing attack hits thousands of Hotmail accounts (, 06 october 2009)
and a resurgence of the 419 scams! Washington Post Says Economy Is Bad... No, Good... No, Bad For Nigerian 419 Scammers (TechDirt, 10 August 2009)

Hacked web mail accounts used to send spam (, 09 October 2009)

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