Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hadopi 2; the piracy matter in France

As already pointed out, France enacted its legislation after the first censorship by the Constitutional council. Except that the law went back to the Council a second time (22 October 2009)... and Parliament was censored for not having explained in details what the procedure will be (incompetence negative). Hence, a third version of the statute: a future Hadopi 3.

Frankly, given the short comings of the Hadopis, one really wonders whether Parliament should not have just paused and thought a bit, rather than rushing about.

See (all in French) Marinese (3 november 2009)
Rojinsky, (28 October 2009)
Thoumyre being interviewed, 3 November 2009
And for a longer analysis by V. Benabou, Glose de la loi favorisant la création et la protection de la creation (dite HADOPI) ( 7 november 2009)

And the link towards the two Acts: that are on Legifrance

Obviously, the UK contemplates introducing similar legislation and does not seem to be put off neither by the peripetieas of French law, nor by the criticism the system attracted/attracts.
UK Gov't Official: Innocent People Won't Get Kicked Off The Internet; Trust Us (TechDirt, 12 November 2009)

On the international dimension of piracy, there is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Rees, 9 November 2009,

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